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Bespoke Software for AEC



In 2006 we developed  BigFileBox to fill a gap we saw when working with architects, engineers, construction and creatives. They generate content-heavy projects and experienced an everyday struggle to send files via FTP. Today, BigFileBox is being used by many other industries such as marketing, branding and advertising agencies.

Customisable BigFileBox

Firstly, it’s easy to use, secure, inexpensive and you can brand it the way you want by dropping in your own background images and logo.


When you’re ready to send your files, simply drag and drop them into the browser window and send a secure access token to your recipient. Because it’s that easy, your clients will love the simplicity of working with you.

Free and Easy

There are no servers, no FTP, and no hang-ups. Just a web browser and a free trial.



The secure token system means only those who have a token can access the files.  Furthermore, token expiry and overall access is controlled by you.

What do they send?
  • Powerpoints, Marketing Materials
  • Sketches and diagrams
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Survey Drawings
  • CAD and Detail Drawings
  • Plans, sections, elevations
  • Point clouds
  • Assembly drawings
  • Tender submissions, Proposals and Contracts
What else can I do with BigFilebox?
  • Set User permissions
  • Create Shared folders
  • Create Private folders
  • Relax with end to end security

Finally, decide how much storage and bandwidth you want and change your plan whenever you want.








Driving service delivery

Due to an absence of a suitable commercial alternative we created BigSupportbox to manage our business. We handle all interactions between NGneers™, BIMgineers™, management team, directors and clients using this tool. It also offers a simple web-based service ticket helpdesk system with an intuitive interface. Furthermore, for internal use, it drives our business from the back end by incorporating billing and HR functions like staff resourcing, holidays and illness.

Primary features consist of:

  • Clients are able to easily and quickly communicate with their NGneer™ or BIMgineer™ by logging into the helpdesk or sending an email.
  • We monitor and track response and resolution against agreed SLA’s
  • A senior level manager monitors all case management


Ease of use IT Support

The system also provides overall metrics measuring our performance.

To ensure the helpdesk is easy to use, the helpdesk software includes:

  • Email integration – tickets can be raised or replied to via email
  • Active Directory (Single Sign On) integration allowing clients to use the helpdesk with their business credentials
  • Customer satisfaction (Csat) metrics tells us how we’re performing and is something we take very seriously.


Metrics – BigSupportbox
Performance metrics

We’re especially proud that CSat currently stands at 4.9 out of 5 (98%) across all clients.

Bigsupportbox metrics
CSAT Metrics – January, 2017 across all clients

Helpdesk tickets


Team Warden

Safe and secure

TeamWarden is a secure information storage app. It’s built by Nittygritty to securely store and share client passwords between staff and clients.

Great for sharing information amongst teams.

  • Search for and locate items via categories
  • Works online and offline
  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Organised passwods by type or location
  • Limit access to just those who need it

Best of all, it’s available for free in the App stores.


Easy to use but highly secure mobile apps


Kartessa – Asset Management

Where’s my stuff?

Another Nittygritty web tool, Kartessa is our Cloud-hosted asset management system. We also make it available to our clients as part of our managed service so they can track assets and equipment loans.

Best of all, its free of charge. Implement Kartessa and make sure that your laptops, mobiles, tablets or projectors are accounted for.

Finally, get rid of that Spreadsheet and never lose track of your assets.

Web based asset management by Nittygritty

The RoomBooker

Making room for meetings

Many businesses rely on Microsoft Exchange to organise the booking of meeting rooms and shared spaces.  What’s missing is a way of displaying this information outside the room to indicate potential availability, meetings in progress and future schedules. This is how you book an empty room for a short period of time as and when its available. Whilst there are many digital signage solutions out there, creative clients want more than the standard template views available from commercial products. However, they also want a solution that scales down from those that are typically deployed in larger enterprises.

The RoomBooker is both digital signage (utilising a tablet as the display unit) and a meeting room management solution. It  ties-in with your Outlook email and Exchange or Office 365. Even better it can accommodate both bespoke functionality and your design.



The digital signage component is an app than can be installed on an iPad, allowing for a cost effective way of putting display hardware outside meeting rooms. The look and feel of the app is completely customisable. This means it can use your company branding for colours, logos, fonts and general appearance. The app displays the current room usage, and the upcoming schedule. This makes it easy for staff to find free meeting rooms, and also to make an ad-hoc booking at the screen, reserving the room for themselves adding an entry to the Outlook calendar for others to see.


Meeting Room Panel


We have created an Outlook plugin for gathering information to add to a meeting. This allows staff  to add additional requests such as number of attendees, IT support, refreshments and food requirements. All of this information is available via Outlook or through a simple to use web interface.


All of these components can be build with bespoke interfaces. We will also engineer it to collect the specific information you need.


Our Outlook Plugin can be customised as required