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Business Continuity

What would your company do if the worst were to happen and you lost your servers, network or place of business? How robust are your backups? Are you able to recover without massive disruption? Is there a plan. We can help advise on backup, data-retention, archiving whether it is to your own hardware on premises or to the Cloud.

IT Backup Services

For us, backup is The Most Important Thing – the foundation stone on which IT strategy is built. Our clients sometimes have 12 year data retention clauses from their insurers so being sure they can recover that data is vital. Copying data to USB hard drives is not a viable option.

Dealing with disaster

What would your business do if the worst were to happen? CryptoLocker, fire, flood or theft could leave you unable to work for days. We will work with you to evaluate the risks and formulate an appropriate response. We can deliver solutions from full server and data mirrors to SAN replication.



Business Continuity breakdown

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