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22nd Nov 2018

Software developer working with React and ReasonML

We are a small but successful IT consultancy founded in 2003 and based in central London.  The software development team work alongside IT engineers and BIM consultants who are delivering support to architectural and engineering firms in the construction sector.   The team’s focus is on creating software products targeting these audiences with products like Bigfilebox.

We are now working on a new product due to launch in early 2019.  Atvero is a drawing and document management system for architects and engineers for managing the information related to construction projects.  The backend is SharePoint and Azure and the front end is  a ReasonReact project built with the ReasonML language.  We are excited to be one of the first apps to go into production using Reason and ReasonReact.

ReasonML is a language from one the inventors of React.   It has a JavaScript syntax, compiles to JavaScript and has great interop with JavaScript, so we’re looking either for a developer who either knows ReasonML already, or is a great JavaScript programmer already and interested in working with a great functional language and framework.

We are looking for junior or mid level developers to join our team.   The team is currently three people, so we looking for someone who wants to be a big part of a small team.   We work in a relaxed environment in an office in Clerkenwell, five minutes walk from Farringdon station, surrounded by great cafes, restaurants and bars.  Staying up to date with our technology and frameworks is important to us, so over the last couple of years the team has been to React Europe, Elm Conf Paris, React Amsterdam, ReasonConf Vienna and React London.  The team is often found at the London React and ReasonML meetups too.  Whilst Reason and React are our core technologies, we also make use of exciting new technologies like GraphQL, AWS Lambda and Serverless.  You’ll get benefits including health care and pension contributions.  Salary depends on experience.   You get to choose the laptop you need – between us we use Mac, Linux and Windows right now.

The role is to join us in creating great software products.  Day to day you will be:

  • Programming in ReasonML and ReasonReact (but also JavaScript or other stacks based on what’s most appropriate for the task)
  • Discussing design, concepts and product architecture with the team
  • Taking part in code reviews
  • Suggesting ways to improve our processes

For the junior role we are looking for coding aptitude over technical qualifications, but some experience of JavaScript and React is a must.

For the mid-level role we are looking for developers with two to three year’s industry experience.  You will have built applications in React and JavaScript, and preferably with some experience  of Flow, TypeScript or ReasonML.

If you’d like to come join the team working on some exciting new products in forward looking technologies, please get in touch by sending an email to