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About nittygritty

BIM Integration and IT Support London

Nittygritty is a London-based technology company, specialising in three complementary areas for technology adoption...
...that converge when servicing high profile projects that are content-heavy, highly visual, and creative

    Who We Work For and Specialise in:

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Construction

  • Employers/Building Owners

  • Creative/Design

Supported and coached by our NGneers®; and BIMgineers®;

Where Creative People, BIM and Technology Adoption Intersect

As technology partners, we can help you achieve your business and project goals through simple, integrated IT support and solutions. We understand where your IT infrastructure is today, where it needs to be tomorrow, with an eye on future trends. More importantly, we guide clients through BIM and CAD technology adoption and utilisation.

We can help you set strategy and implement non-disruptive change. Whether you work with Microsoft Windows or MacOS; Autodesk Revit or Bentley Microstation, we provide a full spectrum of theory-to-practice services.

An IT Consultancy that is bespoke and cost efficient

We advise on appropriate, 'best fit’ workflows, solutions and design tools to deliver your business goals. Securely and risk-free. As a result we can help to reduce total cost of ownership over time.

We operate in the construction and creative sector and an expanding portfolio of Engineering, Design and Graphic professionals via bespoke on-site and remote support methodologies. And being in Clerkenwell London also means we can get to you, fast.

Contact us today to discuss your IT or BIM support requirements.

Providing solutions that work


Why choose us

We work within the creative industry

Our clients deliver award-winning projects like the Centrepoint redevelopment, Trinity Leeds Mall, and Television Center as well as smaller residential projects. Regardless of the size, our job is to ensure that they don’t have to worry about whether there’s a back-up in place, enough server storage, or whether their network or email communications are secure. And they certainly don’t need to think about the configuration of the technology behind remote working or collaboration between multiple office locations in the UK, or globally.

Nittygritty provide high-performance coordination of all IT systems: connecting teams and streamlining operations cost effectively. Combined with our CAD/Revit/BIM training, services and apps, we are a business and technology adoption partner.

We know how you work

As an architecture and design focused IT and BIM company, we have a unique understanding of project flows, teams, and the deadlines that are part of every building being designed, constructed, and operated.

You don’t need to explain to us the difference between a GA, a detail drawing or an elevation. We know that printed colour and lineweights matter and we are experts in the finer points of project setup and family creation in Revit. We also know our CAPEX from our OPEX, PAS 1192 from COBie, and the difference between a BMS and CAFM. From day one, our team gets into action, working with you to establish where your organisation most needs help and simply getting on with making things work.

Technology Adoption is hard - we make it easy...

Likewise, you don’t need to know a server from a switch or the difference between Amazon and Azure. We will avoid the jargon and language obfuscation that plagues our industry when discussing your business requirements with you. You just need to know that we’ve got our eye on your entire IT infrastructure, ensuring web, desktop, mobile and applications are optimised for daily functions.

...and watch over your team

Our helpdesk NGneers® quickly resolve everyday complex IT issues, whilst our BIMgineers® painstakingly walk your team through 2D to 3D transitions, or the latest software updates from Autodesk or Bentley. Technology adoption for your team is the goal to faster projects.


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