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05th Jan 2017

The Everyday Chronicles of a Nittygritty NGneer®

Sometimes, we embark on huge technological wonders for clients, allowing them to work remotely across the world or networking their many locations for access at incredible speeds and security. And sometimes, we just need to take care of the everyday nitty gritty issues that make IT seamless, enabling clients to get on with what they do best.

Here are a few anecdotal stories from our team about mitigating the accidental renaming and loss of project folders, cloud back-ups, print consumables and their power of stopping you in your tracks and the confounding issue of being locked out of your BigFileBox

Custom Applications (that generate happiness, not millions of pounds)


By Elliott Smith, Sr. NGneer®

5th January, 2017

A common issue with all businesses seems that be that folders gets renamed and deleted and at one of our clients, this happened on a regular basis. To alleviate this niggling and aggravating time waster, Project Creator was born. Sr. NGneer™, Elliott produced an application that automatically generates project folders (whether that be CAD, IMAGES etc.) based on requirements that the key stakeholders in the business identified.

Project Creator – The moment the application was deployed to the necessary power users, all projects that were created with Project Creator didn’t ever go missing again, which meant users could work without having to raise tickets on the helpdesk to restore projects that had been ‘accidentally’ deleted or moved.

Cloud Backups – data security and compliance

Nittygrittys’ client base is predominately from word-of-mouth, normally from small architecture firms that have seen an increase in business thus productivity has grown without necessarily taken the IT requirements into considerations – especially Disaster Recovery and Backups.

Nittygritty have partnered with Cloudberry, and their Global Partners Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Platforms to rollout user friendly, manageable and inexpensive Cloud Backup solutions when compared to legacy tape-backups, which provide custom retention periods with snapshots taken of the working files in real-time! This ensures that any data legislation that you are required to adhere to can be met without compromise to the integrity of your data.

Print consumables and planning ahead in a busy environment


By Jacek Pecka, NGneer®

5th January, 2017

In a large architectural practice where we support a client, printers are connected with an ordering system which should send requests to the storage when some consumable parts are used and require replacement.

In an ideal world, those consumables should be sent to our office automatically so I could replace it without any “pause” time or disruption to the deadline focussed teams. This system didn’t work as well as it should, leading to downtime situations of 25% due to delays and some printers were out of order (for a day, or sometimes for 2 days) simply because there were no replacement parts.

After a couple of meetings with the printer company, we set up a best practice of sending me a full sets of consumables as part of their service. Since then, there have been no problems with delivery, uptime for the printers is 100% and there is no longer the concern of missing parts,even when not delivered on time. There is always an extra set available.

What’s Up with my BigFileBox?


by Allan Chaplin, Software Engineer

5th January, 2017

Customisations of Big FileBox:

Two weeks ago, a large client asked me if users could be notified of changes in the Fileboxes on Bigfilebox. As this is already a feature, I explained how to use it.

After some further discussion, it became clear that the user needed the notification emails to go to multiple users, not just the administrator. We reviewed the parameters and determined that the client was large enough with sufficient traffic to warrant a customisation of  their version of the app, and set about implementing it in Bigfilebox.

Often, when clients have special requirements from a software development perspective, we can quite easily provide an upgrade. Occasionally this also leads to completely new apps being developed.

Logging in:

Customers are able to login from the Bigfilebox home page, this often causes problems as it is convenient for the user  to know the sub domain of the their Bigfilebox to get access. For instance, in their subdomain is ‘demo’ their Bigfilebox is ‘’

We have lots of users just typing their whole Bigfilebox and then being able to login because essentially they’re trying to log into ‘’ what some users do not realise is that they have their own Bigfilebox home which is this case would be ‘’ this page can be bookmarked and will not be changed.

AAARGH! I deleted my project!

Relatively often someone accidentally deletes a Project in Bigfilebox. When this happens we normally get a panicky email asking if the files can be restored. The good news is that we anticipated that this might happen, so when files are deleted on Bigfilebox there is a ‘grace period’ before the files are removed from the server. In most cases we can restore a file that has been deleted up to 48 working hours after its deleted.