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24th Oct 2016

Transitioning clients as they experience growth

Transitioning clients is a big part of a managed IT strategy and helping clients consider their options to align new technology with their business strategy, new employees, new clients or even new offices

Often the technology changes so rapidly it enables clients to conceive of new and unforeseen ways of working with their teams either remotely or through powerful networks.


By Emanuel Mandat, Sr. System NGneer®
3rd January, 2017

As all client needs are different and varied, we choose the appropriate technology and process to keep their systems running smoothly and with the appropriate bandwidth, security and data storage.

For instance, we’ve worked with  a famous sculptor for almost 10 years, starting from when he had just one main office,  workshop and about 25 employees.   Their system was pretty simple to start, with a single server and tape drive.

As technology became more sophisticated and capable of offering much more capacity to accommodate the growing studio, the servers were upgraded with 2 hyper V hosts, one 1u dell server to act as Primary DC and backup, 2 synology drives for Archive data and onsite backup replicas.    The server upgrades and data transfers were done within weeks of hardware delivery,  any physical servers were virtualized and adapted to a new setup.

Then, the studio expanded to 4 locations with workshop / office in the north and east of England.  On one occasion, with a very tight deadline, changes were made rapidly, leaving a very short time for us to make decisions on providing the right fit solutions.  To mitigate that, the Entire North studio technology was procured and  set up in the London office and shipped with a ‘Plug and Play’ configuration.    On arrival at the studio, their team simply opened the packages and plugged it in.   No hassle, no downtime and no questions!

Today, their 4 locations work seamlessly via the London office WiFi.   It controls the entire enterprise network,  eliminating the need for re-entering passwords for team members who work at all 4 locations on a weekly or monthly basis.    The cost of ownership is thus reduced many times over!