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Frequently Asked Questions

  • IT Consultancy Services Questions
    • Do you look after Apple Macs?

      Yes! Nittygritty are platform agnostic. The only criteria we apply is whether or not the solution is appropriate for the business and fit for purpose. We'd be happy to talk to you about your Mac or PC requirements and how they can best serve your business.

  • General Questions
    • Do Nittygritty provide ad-hoc, pay-as-you-go, services?

      The short answer is, no. Our service is predicated on pre-emptive and pro-active maintenance and development of systems. Ad-hoc support is by definition reactive.

    • How do Nittygritty charge for services?

      Our rates are hourly and are based on fixed, on-site support hours, backed up by remote support when we aren't physically there. Packages start at 8 hours per month (consisting of two, half day visits per month).

      Hourly rates vary depending on the amount of support required.

    • I already have IT support that I'm happy with. Can I get Revit support separately?

      Yes, of course! There are inherent advantages that come with us providing both services. Nevertheless, we are happy working with your in-house or contracted IT to deliver BIM support.

    • Why are most of your clients architectural practices?

      Despite appearances, we are not focussed on architectural practices to the exclusion of all others. Nittygritty are lucky to have: sculptors; interior designers; engineers; and graphic, product and industrial designers in our client list.

      However, when we founded the company in 2003 we targeted the architectural and construction sector as it was an area we knew. Our experience with the outsourced IT providers at the time had been poor and we felt that there was space for a consultancy business that understood the particular needs of these companies.

      Since then our business has grown through referral which has concentrated our client base within the sector.

Contact Support

Clients are able to easily and quickly communicate with their service NGneers® or BIMgineers® by logging into the helpdesk or sending an email to their helpdesk email address.  Both methods generate tickets that are tracked and have responsiveness measured against our SLAs.   All case management is monitored by a senior level manager

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