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Managed IT Support & Consultancy In London


Overall Business Strategy


IT Support Services for Decision Makers

IT support services and consultancy  is the backbone and largest part of our business. Because of this, our senior staff and directors are able to draw on years of experience to provide the highest-level strategic advice. This hands-on knowledge, gained working at small and large companies across the capital, means we can offer independent, unbiased guidance on where your investment in IT systems will yield the highest return.

As a consequence, are able to help set budgets as well as the medium, and long term direction your IT strategy will take. Additionally, outsourced IT as a managed service,  can remove painful HR issues and provide peace of mind


Business Continuity

IT Backup Services

For us, backup is The Most Important Thing – the foundation stone on which IT strategy is built. Our clients sometimes have 12 year data retention clauses from their insurers so being sure they can recover that data is vital. Copying data to USB hard drives is not a viable option.

Dealing with disaster

What would your business do if the worst were to happen? CryptoLocker, fire, flood or theft could leave you unable to work for days. We will work with you to evaluate the risks and formulate an appropriate response. We can deliver solutions from full server and data mirrors to SAN replication.



NGneers® – Flexible, Managed IT Support In London

The heart of the service provided by Nittygritty is regular on-site support visits. As a Nittygritty client you will get a dedicated NGneer® assigned to you. We see this as key to building a strong relationship. Every NGneer® has a back-up colleague who is on hand for emergencies or absence through holidays or illness.


Who is an NGneer®?

Nittygritty’s NGneers® (and BIMgineers®) have been part of the team since our inception, growing and innovating with the expanding complexities of the IT landscape. Infrastructure, new software needs, applications, social media, mobile devices, networking and cloud platforms are things that excite them. With between 5 and 15 years’ experience, industry training and knowledge, our NGneers® and BIMgineers® focus on your underlying technology and design needs. They can train your staff and safeguard project information so you can concentrate on your deadlines and business.

And best of all, as an outsourced team member, Nittygritty manages all the overhead and daily interactions. You get all the benefit and aggregated knowledge acquired by our collaboration with London’s best firms. On a day to day basis, with flexible options for the way you work, our NGneers® monitor and deliver fast and responsive support either on-site, during a regular on-site visit, or remotely.  They also deliver special one-off projects when required.


Dependable service

An NGneer’s® mission is to ensure smooth running of your network. They can’t do their job if they’re constantly fire-fighting. Once a fit-for-purpose system is in place we call this…


weeding the garden

…weeding the garden

a. Infrastructure implementation and maintenance

  • Onsite and remote NGneers® maintain hardware such as servers, storage systems, networks and firewalls, desktop and mobile devices.
  • For change and transformations they will deliver special projects and migrations.

b. Hardware/software management and refresh

  • NGneers® maintain the environment that supports your file systems, email communications, accounting and other software services.
  • Special projects, upgrades and migrations, as needed.


c. Information security and support

  • NGneers® also keep your systems secure, keep your software up to date, and create and deploy software packages across your network.
  • They perform the vital task of maintaining data integrity through deployment and maintenance of antivirus systems. They also setup and monitor data backups.

d. Change Management and policy

  • Process, controls, documentation and communications

e. Convenient one-stop procurement services – vendor agnostic

  • Additionally, many of our clients rely on us to specify, make decisions, and purchase appropriate hardware, laptops, software, etc. as a convenient one-stop shop.





f. Documentation

  • Nittygritty produces and maintains a number of documents as part of the service provided to Clients with regard to any projects.
  • Asset management (Kartessa). This is a Web-based system developed by Nittygritty and provided to clients as part of the managed service to track assets and equipment loans.
  • IT bible. Nittygritty currently maintain a Sharepoint documentation system to record non-sensitive, generic site information relating to the systems and processes at a client.
  • Secure information storage (TeamWarden). NG maintains an encrypted, distributed password and sensitive information storage app. This is for key information which is only to be accessed by authorised persons. TeamWarden can also be used to manage access to Laptops and other assets which are distributed through Kartessa.
  • Risk assessment. NG performs an IT risk assessment exercise annually as part of our strategic guidance role. This can also form part of the documentation required to achieve and maintain security accreditation.

Apps and Tools included


A helping hand with Business IT Support in London

Nittygritty’s easy to use apps and tools facilitate everyday workflows. Our team is also able to answer any questions, manage them and provide support as needed.

And, if you’ve got other needs not covered by our listed apps, let us know and we can discuss the development of a bespoke application for you.