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IT solutions in London for Creative companies

IT solutions in London for Creative companies

Nittygritty provides technical advice, consultancy and support for businesses from design studios, to multi-national architectural practices

IT solutions in London for Creative companies

IT solutions in London for Creative companies services

As your business IT partner in London we can guide you on strategy, deliver its implementation and maintain your IT engine room

IT solutions in London for Creative companies

IT Consultancy to Help With

IT Strategy Support in London

Do I need a server or can my data be stored in the cloud?
How long should I keep my backups?
Can you make remote working work for me?

IT Consulting Services with a focus on Technical Implementation

How do I move my email from Exchange server to Office365?
I need to manage growth in my company.
Is it really necessary to install software updates so often?
Do all my staff have the same software version?
How do I manage my licensing?

Continuous Managed IT Support in London

I just need my systems to work.
My current IT provider doesn’t understand our business.

Contact us for a no strings attached conversation about how we can help. We are able to:

  • streamline operations as a single source for IT Support and solutions in London
  • provide high-level support and work alongside existing IT
  • plan and execute specific IT projects

With almost 15 years experience providing managed IT Support in London, working with both large and small creative companies, we’ve seen almost every kind of IT, CAD and BIM scenario possible. Nittygritty’s approach is always to start with the people, the’soft stuff’ who are your most valuable asset. Our ethos is to minimise friction between them, their work and the tools they need to use in their daily job. This creates a seamless IT setup within a business.

Clients benefit from the knowledge of our NGneers® and BIMgineers® who merge BIM and IT best practices to work together harmoniously. Because we take the time to understand your business, we are able to assist proactively, as well as plan and budget from an IT perspective.   Specifically: