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Consultancy Services for Creative & AEC Industries


Business Strategic BIM Consulting

Director Led BIM Management Solutions

They engage with the business owners and top level staff to:

  • Provide strategic input into decisions about BIM projects, applications and project plans.
  • Determine how much BIMgineer® time might be required
  • Act as the first point of contact for the account
  • Ensure that the service provided is appropriate and meets requirements.
  • Provide advice on software, BIM mandates and trends

Because we work across a wide client base across London we are able to bring a wealth of experience to bear. We also work with in-house BIM managers to support them and enhance their job role.  Our mission is to improve productivity, quality and process.


Furthermore, the exploration and BIM discovery process includes:

  • Discussions about specialist training, implementation and support services for
    • CAD tools (Bentley Microstation) as well as
    • BIM software (Autodesk Revit/Navisworks).
  • Project-focused, tailored delivery to the workstage, programme and skills needs.
  • High-level strategic support and guidance around appointments, liabilities, the Government BIM mandate, common data environments and BIM coordination.

Since BIM is world of acronyms and jargon it is important to avoid BIMwash through better knowledge and understanding. Through working with us we can make you look good compared to your peers or clients. In addition, as your trusted advisors, we will represent your interest if and when required.


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Practical solutions and plain-language advice.

Typical services consist of:

  • Introductory “What is BIM” CPD.
  • Assistance with BIM Execution Plans.
  • Revit Essentials as well as Advanced training.
  • Revit template optimisation to suit the ‘house style’.
  • On-site BIMgineer® presence to provide at-desk support.
  • Support to teams via our web-based ticket system.
  • NavisWorks training.
  • Advanced workflows for scheduling, room-data and analysis.
  • COBie, facilities management and owner requirements.
  • Introduction to parametric design tools like Dynamo.

Finally, it can all tie back to first class IT support if you opt for both services.


Practical Implementation

Getting started with BIM Integration and Support

Finally, you’ve got that Revit project. So what happens next? Firstly, we need to attend to the basics. In doing so we would look to review:

  • Existing hardware and network specification.
  • Folder structures for libraries, and projects.
  • Style and publication standards.
  • Design process workflow.
  • Corporate objectives – project size and programme.
  • Personnel roles, responsibilities, skills and goals.


Technical Assessment and Deployment Plan

Plan for success

We understand that your most valuable resource is your staff. Therefore, we place great importance on developing the right training and support plan. In the first instance this would include the following items:

  • Preparation of basic Revit training material collated from standard modules. In addition to this we can deliver additional modules based on specific project requirements.
  • Because we understand the pressures you face we can provide efficient scheduling of courses, sensitive to priorities and projects.
  • Distribution of Pre-Training information.
  • Introductory training for technical, administrative and management staff.
  • Skills assessment and development through the project life cycle via our partner, Knowledgesmart.
  • A schedule and strategy for providing each team member with access to sufficient support and consultancy.
  • Assistance with Project management, quality control and administration.






Project Startup, Training and Support

Nurturing and developing BIM and CAD skills

Nittygritty offer a ten day Revit implementation package. This comprises of:

  • Two days of set-up and consultancy.
  • Three days Revit Essentials training.
  • Five days of follow-up support and development time to be used as and when required by our BIMgineer®.

In addition to this, if you sign up to our package, we can provide an introductory CPD session made available to all staff. This where we introduce the underlying principles of BIM.

BIM Training

The course covers all aspects of using Revit using industry standard training material. We also limit class sizes to six delegates to ensure maximum quality of delivery. We deliver training either at your offices or at central London locations. You can use your own hardware or rented laptops which come preloaded with the required materials.

BIM Development

Regular consultancy visits focus on your project and provide answers to your problems. During these visits we can offer workshops which cover specific issues that need to be addressed. Finally, all Nittygritty clients get access to our remote support tools for peace of mind when we’re not in their office.


Making it Happen

Special delivery of BIM

Like all new technologies and processes, the adoption of BIM and modelling versus drawing requires effort  to ‘make it happen’. Consequently, we look to senior management to evangelise BIM, as well as Super Users who will blaze the trail with Revit.

As well as Revit, we also utilise other technologies or methods. Specifically we work with:

  • Virtual Reality
  • Laser scanning and point clouds
  • Scan 2 BIM
  • BIM2FM
  • COBie
  • Virtualisation
  • Visualisation








Moreover, our development team are actively creating new tools to interact with the Autodesk cloud platform. Eventually, these will extend our existing portfolio of Apps and Tools. Namely:

  • BigFileBox for file sharing
  • TeamWarden for password security
  • Kartessa, asset management
  • BigSupportBox, helpdesk access
  • TheRoomBooker, room/catering management

Flexible Managed Support –® BIMgineers®

BIM Support when you need it

Regardless of whether your team works in 2D or 3D our BIMgineers® have experienced the complex transition they will go through. Through sensitivity and patience eventually every client team gets onboard and begins to employ some of the tricks we teach. In this way we try to  make the adoption of BIM much easier.

And best, as an outsourced team member, Nittygritty manages all the overhead and daily interactions. Consequently, you get all the benefit and aggregated knowledge acquired by our collaboration with London’s best firms.


Depending on the size of client and projects, BIMgineers® can be embedded within your firm and work alongside your staff, building processes, protocols, libraries and Revit families. Therefore you get faster results for BIM and business adoption.

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