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NGneers® – Flexible, Managed IT Support In London

Your NGneer® is your first point of contact and should be seen as a trusted advisor. We place great emphasis on continuity and pre-arranged, regular on-site visits. This enables us to be a pro-active as opposed to reactive partner.

The heart of the service provided by Nittygritty is regular on-site support visits. As a Nittygritty client you will get a dedicated NGneer® assigned to you. We see this as key to building a strong relationship. Every NGneer® has a back-up colleague who is on hand for emergencies or absence through holidays or illness.


Who is an NGneer®?

Nittygritty’s NGneers® (and BIMgineers®) have been part of the team since our inception, growing and innovating with the expanding complexities of the IT landscape. Infrastructure, new software needs, applications, social media, mobile devices, networking and cloud platforms are things that excite them. With between 5 and 15 years’ experience, industry training and knowledge, our NGneers® and BIMgineers® focus on your underlying technology and design needs. They can train your staff and safeguard project information so you can concentrate on your deadlines and business.

And best of all, as an outsourced team member, Nittygritty manages all the overhead and daily interactions. You get all the benefit and aggregated knowledge acquired by our collaboration with London’s best firms. On a day to day basis, with flexible options for the way you work, our NGneers® monitor and deliver fast and responsive support either on-site, during a regular on-site visit, or remotely.  They also deliver special one-off projects when required.


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