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Dependable service

Leave the tech stuff to us and get on with growing your business. We look after your system's capacity, advise on the next move and make things work. And, our ticket system means we're supporting you even when we're not on site.

An NGneer’s® mission is to ensure smooth running of your network. They can’t do their job if they’re constantly fire-fighting. Once a fit-for-purpose system is in place we call this…


weeding the garden

…weeding the garden

a. Infrastructure implementation and maintenance

  • Onsite and remote NGneers® maintain hardware such as servers, storage systems, networks and firewalls, desktop and mobile devices.
  • For change and transformations they will deliver special projects and migrations.

b. Hardware/software management and refresh

  • NGneers® maintain the environment that supports your file systems, email communications, accounting and other software services.
  • Special projects, upgrades and migrations, as needed.


c. Information security and support

  • NGneers® also keep your systems secure, keep your software up to date, and create and deploy software packages across your network.
  • They perform the vital task of maintaining data integrity through deployment and maintenance of antivirus systems. They also setup and monitor data backups.

d. Change Management and policy

  • Process, controls, documentation and communications

e. Convenient one-stop procurement services – vendor agnostic

  • Additionally, many of our clients rely on us to specify, make decisions, and purchase appropriate hardware, laptops, software, etc. as a convenient one-stop shop.





f. Documentation

  • Nittygritty produces and maintains a number of documents as part of the service provided to Clients with regard to any projects.
  • Asset management (Kartessa). This is a Web-based system developed by Nittygritty and provided to clients as part of the managed service to track assets and equipment loans.
  • IT bible. Nittygritty currently maintain a Sharepoint documentation system to record non-sensitive, generic site information relating to the systems and processes at a client.
  • Secure information storage (TeamWarden). NG maintains an encrypted, distributed password and sensitive information storage app. This is for key information which is only to be accessed by authorised persons. TeamWarden can also be used to manage access to Laptops and other assets which are distributed through Kartessa.
  • Risk assessment. NG performs an IT risk assessment exercise annually as part of our strategic guidance role. This can also form part of the documentation required to achieve and maintain security accreditation.

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