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Stanton Williams Architects

An ethos and commitment to design quality where environmental, social and economic sustainability is communicated through design integrity and focus.

As a technology and design process partner,  Nittygritty has worked with Stanton Williams Architects since 2014. Operating in tandem with in-house IT support our NGneers™ initially planned and oversaw a complete server refresh. This was done in tandem with an Office 365 migration and is now sustained through regular on-site NGneer™ site support. Subsequently, Nittygritty BIMgineers™ have been working with the practice as they transition from CAD to Revit on select projects. The service involves top level strategic advice and consultancy through to training and deskside support.

About the Client

Founded by Alan Stanton and Paul Williams in 1985, the practice had an initial focus on museums and galleries that has evolved into a large portfolio of diverse projects.  With a current team of over 85, Stanton Williams has completed more than 350 projects. All in all, they run the gamut in architecture, masterplanning, exhibition and interior design, urban design and have won over 100 awards.   They have been selected to design the University College London’s Olympic Park campus along with  Lifeschutz Davidson Sandilands.

CAD, Revit and BIM Adoption Strategy at SWA

Stanton Williams is a practice renowned for their clear, modern, understated architecture. The final built product is arrived at through an exhaustive and iterative process of physical and virtual model development. The control exercised in the execution of their architecture is mirrored in the practice graphic style as laid out on their issued drawings.

One of the biggest challenges for Nittygritty BIMgineers™ has been to reconcile the undeniable benefits of the Revit shared modelling environment with these extremely high quality graphic output requirements.

CAD to Revit Transition - Nittygritty 6-Point Plan


Nittygritty have been working with Stanton Williams on a  number of high profile projects. Initially we presented a ‘What is BIM?’ CPD to senior staff, followed by a workshop held with the wider practice. We have advised on Information Requirements, Project proposals, Execution Plans and general BIM coordination. Working with Autodesk resellers, we have arrived at a sensible licensing strategy that aligns both with practice requirements and Autodesk’s shift to subscription.


Our BIMgineers™ have created the back end templates and framework to streamline Revit adoption as teams come on stream. This work is ongoing as projects mature and demands change. In the practical realm, a deployment is built to map these resources and is centrally managed from the server by an NGneer™.

Assess and deploy

Training is provided on demand. This takes the form of off-site Essentials training over 3 days to immerse new users in the tools, as well as workshops and CPDs in-situ to enhance skills and solve problems as they arise on a project.

Startup and Training

Our BIMgineers™ work extremely close with the Project team to ensure that their needs are met. At Stanton Williams the practice took the brave decision to remove CAD software from the PCs of those who had moved to Revit projects. This ‘tough love’ approach is the one that will yield the best chance of success – only if the architects have adequate support.

Ongoing Support

Support is delivered via a weekly on-site visit and backed-up by our BigSupportbox ticket system when we are not on site.

Making it happen

We have started discussing possibilities for early stage massing and design studies using tools like Autodesk Formit as well as exploring visualisation possibilities using Autodesk Cloud rendering and 3rd party products like Enscape.

BIM Coordination


Nittygritty are also able to help and advise in practical terms on BIM coordination, liabilities and risk. Where SWA have been asked to have a coordination role on projects we have been able to guide them on setting the boundaries on the service they are offering. Further down the road there will be a requirement to implement a Navisworks Manage federated coordination model and associated training and support.

Other Services Provided:

  • NGneer™ reporting, planning and strategic advice
  • Hardware and software procurement
  • Kartessa, asset manager app
  • BigFileBox, file transfer app
  • BigSupportBox, support management
  • TeamWarden, password security

Some Major Projects


Stanton Williams Project Focus:

Stanton Williams designing UCL East, in partnership with London Legacy Development Corp.

Designing UCL East

UCL East

This cultural and education district will  form a key component to the overall regeneration of Queen Elizabeth  Olympic Park, creating approximately 3,0000 jobs and a proposed 1.5 million visitors/year.

The expected  financial economic  boost is close to three billion pounds to Stratford and surrounding communities.

Masterplan – UCL East


At 33,500 square meters, UCL East will also include a new university museum as well as the very first design school since its inception 188 years ago.

This building will be designed by Stanton Williams utilising BIM best practices and protocols.   The 3D design will allow for the University to fully take advantage of the data to propagate facilities management and workplace solutions to:

  • streamline the management of buildings, rooms and contents
  • increase component/HVAC location efficiency
  • reduce maintenance and energy costs
  • create specific bespoke vendor and supplier profiles
  • increasing supplies’ just-in-time purchasing efficiency and cost savings for bulk buying





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