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Software and Property Management (PropTech)


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Software and Property Management (PropTech)

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If these are terms that describe your business then you may be one of our property innovation clients.   Whether you’re the architect designing a building, a construction company raising it or the owner/operator that will manage the building for as many as a hundred years, we help you innovate your processes, workflows through smart software options.

Nittygritty typically works with clients to develop unique applications after they’ve tried unsuccessfully to make  a commercially available software or app do the job exactly the way they need it.  Here is a case study of just one application recently built.   The solution is fully branded with the client’s look and feel and completely bespoke.

Our client,  an award winning property management firm with a large portfolio of over 6 million square feet worth over 5 billion pounds,  wanted an elegant way to manage their room booking system so it would integrate with attendees accepting invitations through Microsoft Outlook for all the various sales meetings, stakeholder and board meetings, etc.  and integrate with a physical component at the building that connected seamlessly to the catering system as well.

Problem: Outdated Information

Our client managed their room bookings through a printed sheet at the reception.  The reception staff check people into the meetings on the printed sheet directly.  The catering team then use another printed sheet with the approved catering requirements for each meeting.

Unfortunately, the printed sheet is out of date the moment its printed, and any changes to the meetings list after printing are not captured.  This creates an extra step for the catering staff who have to call reception to inform them when the room is ready.

‘Ad-hoc’ meetings require checking with reception which meeting rooms are free and for how long.

Solution: A unified System Closing All Information Loops

Meeting Room Panel

We produced a unified system that connects to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange to provide an up to the minute view of the meetings for reception and catering staff with zero paper.

Meeting hosts can set their catering requirements (e.g. AV, IT support, catering requirements, both teas/coffees and food) using our Outlook plugin and the requirements are automatically updated for the caterers.

Display Panel:

Each meeting room has a display panel showing the upcoming meetings and indicates if a meeting is in progress.  Hosts can walk up to a vacant meeting room and book an ad hoc meeting from the panel, this is then displayed in all the associated views.

  1. If a meeting over runs it can be extended from the display panel.
  2. In reception there is a scanner that allows meeting attendees to mark themselves as present for the meeting from their invitation email.
  3. Functionality allows meeting hosts to specify additional attendees who aren’t to be invited directly.
  4. Meeting information is presented to the catering team and front of house team via a web interface


QR Code Functionality


The QR Code function further enhances the client’s brand as a current, technologically savvy management team and streamlines the whole process:

  1. Generation of QR codes and integration of a QR scanner
  2. Ahead of a meeting, each external attendee is emailed a QR code. The encoded information identifies the specific meeting instance and attendee. A QR code scanner can be built into the reception desk.
  3. Software drives the QR code scanner, to receive scanned QR codes and check in attendees automatically as they scan in at reception.

Catering From the App


  1. The catering team is presented with a browsable list of upcoming and past meetings.
  2. A detailed view for each meeting shows room readiness – if the room has been set up, and if the room has been cleared down, and this can be set in this view. The view will also show the detailed catering requirements.
  3. As changes are made, the catering and reception screens updates live to reflect them
  4. Particular attention is drawn to meetings that have a change in catering need but which have already been flagged as set up, or to meetings occurring in the next hour

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