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BigFileBox Express for Chapman Taylor

As a long term user of Bigfilebox and long term client (see story under IT Consultancy) , we felt Chapman Taylor was the right place to try out the next generation of the software.  They had four big changes they wanted to see – a mobile first approach to accessing files, a reduction in the administrative overhead, a more open approach to the data so that internal staff had better access to information uploaded by others, and a one step method for quick sending of files.

Software Development Changes

Chapman Taylor run their BFB site with Windows Active Directory integration enabled.  This means that users can log in with their usual Windows login and password rather than having to use a separate BFB account.  However, there was still the need to assign new users to the projects they needed access to.   IT staff were also given the responsibility for creating new projects, which sometimes led to delays, if requested out of hours for example.

Reduced Administration, Speedy Set-Up

To reduce the admin for new users, we made two changes to the software.

  • The first was to allow all users to set themselves up automatically just by logging in with their Windows username and password.
  • The second was to change the way projects were created.

Now, any user can create a project, and by default that project can be see by all users in the system.   However, for confidential projects, it’s easy for the project to be marked as visible just to the creator of the project, or a select list of other users.


Web Based Interfaces for Phones and Tablets

We implemented new web based interfaces for phone and tablet sized screens.  We took away some of the functionality found in the larger screen size interface to provide a new, clean easy to use interface with  appropriate sized elements to interact with.

Charts and analytical data on the tablet screen with a cup of coffee and a telephone in the background

Individual "Quick Send" Folders

For the quick sending of projects, each user now has their own individual “Quick Send” folder.  They have a top level area where they can just drag and drop files, and issue an invite to download, in two simple steps.   This automatically creates the necessary file download area and link.  We’ve found users love this as a way to issue information that’s not necessarily project related.

Over the years we’ve been careful to listen to our customers as they often come to us with great ideas for improving the way BFB works.

If you become a customer, we look forward to working with you to make our software service work in the best way for you.

Please also visit our software page for additional apps and tools.


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