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Hiring an outsourced IT / BIM partner, or switching providers, can be daunting.

If you’re considering a change to how you deal with your IT, CAD and BIM you might be considering outsourcing or switching providers. With Nittygritty you get the benefit of having an architecture-focussed partner. We take care of the technology so your design teams can work without downtime and your admin and principals experience headache-free connectivity and security. Technologies have come a long way in the last 10 years and keeping up is a difficult task for any company, especially if its not their core business. Our NGneers® and BIMgineers®  spend every day working with technologies, information systems and applications and get to know what’s new, what works, what doesn’t, and what is a good fit for you. Additionally, outsourced IT as a managed service,  can remove painful HR issues and provide peace of mind.    And, as every client is different, each solution is bespoke.

Because we work with a wide range of clients within this sector, our teams are able to avoid technology and information “silos” that plague most organisations.  Our staff are continuously learning and sharing new methods from client interactions and each other. This is the biggest benefit we bring to clients – an aggregated, shared industry knowledge base, passing on the latest in technology and design thinking.

Work with an IT and BIM company that understands the AEC Sector

To start, many prospective clients are concerned that transitioning from an internal resource to an outsourced team could cause disruptions or a lapse in coverage between an incumbent IT or BIM provider to Nittygritty that could impact ongoing design deadlines.   Here’s how we handle clients and their teams so there’s minimum disturbance.

Your Team – Getting to know you
Our Team – What you can Expect
Onboarding and Kick-Off
BigSupportBox – Everyday IT & BIM Helpdesk Management

Smooth Transitions

We meet with you to understand your current needs and future objectives.  Discussions will explore:

  • PC or Mac
  • Overall business strategy
  • Office 365 migration, Skype for business and other Cloud services
  • Infrastructure, bandwidth, storage management (Nasuni, Panzura, NewForma, Union Square, Open Asset), back-ups, data security, email, server room design and Revit Server.
  • Workstations, mobile and remote working, cloud and on premesis needs
  • Budgets and cost management
  • Design applications and hardware/software specifications
  • Collaboration and security
  • Business continuity

We’ll get a general high level understanding of your  long-term business strategy that’ll we’ll take a deeper dive into once we’re onboard.   Agree on the right level of service and sign a SLA/contract


Your Team –  Getting to know you

You advise us on a point person for:

  • IT or CAD/BIM matters
  • Billing and administration
  • Business stakeholder / Strategy

Our team – what you can expect

  • Assigned onsite technical support NGneer® or applications BIMgineer®
  • Assigned Senior technical manager who oversees the support NGneer® or BIMgineer®
  • Depending on company size, we’ll assign an account manager who oversees the client relationship from a high level.
  • Additional teams are assigned as needed to handle special projects, such as migrations, server replacements, Revit training and CAD to Revit transitions.

Onboarding and Kick-Off


We arrange for a kick-off meeting at your office to introduce the team and plan for a light touch audit or handover with existing support.

  • This is also a discovery session to determine your goals, objectives and any concerns you have with your existing IT and infrastructure set-up. We’d also like to hear about any plans for future projects that may require a proactive, planned approach for additional support, training or software. This would also allow you to budget accordingly.

After the audit:

  • Depending on our findings we’d make recommendations and suggestions on any upgrades or changes that may be required.
  • We agree on a start day and your NGgineer® or BIMgineer® is scheduled.

The First Day

Our team member reports to the client and is walked through and introduced by the client and allocated a desk.   All passwords and access information is provided as needed.   The NGineer® has access to the audit and begins working on any recommendations.

Apps and Tools that we use to deliver our service:

KARTESSA  –  Track all your assets utilising our Kartessa web-based solution.  You’ll never lose a device or need fill out an assett register spreadsheet again.

TEAMWARDEN  –  An easy to use app to record, safeguard and easily retrieve all relevant server and business sensitive passwords.


BIGFILEBOX  –  A browser-based file transmittal and retrieval system, designed specially for the AEC and Creative sector and used by businesses globally for the past 10 years  –


Technical and Financial Reasons for Partnering with Us


  • With observing, advising, and monitoring your systems, you can be confident you’re getting the most cost effect solutions, upgrades or additions to your infrastructure should the need arise.  
  • Engaging us ensures your firm has an IT expert  monitoring all the disparate systems within your firm, supporting your non-technical practice/office manager.   
  • We are cross platform lovers of technology and support Windows and all things PC  …


… And all things Apple.


  • We bring a vast knowledge-base gained by working with London’s top firms within the architectural and creative space. 
  • As a managed support service, you’ll know what to budget for every month vs. an unpredictable break/fix provider.  



  • Additionally, regular on-site visits ensures potential issues are proactively handled before they become a problem for staff working to deadlines.


  • endeavours to assign the same NGneer® or BIMgineer®  for each visit, building a tangible relationship, sense of continuity and familiarisation with your processes and systems. 
  • We are based in Clerkenwell, London, the heart of design. 

All our business has been achieved through referrals.



Registered for ISO 27001  and   ISO 9001

What does this mean for you?

ISO 27001

  • Security risks are appropriately prioritized and cost effectively managed
  • Our processes protect our business against information security threats and vulnerabilities
  • ISO 27001 is becoming a customer requirement in many European countries

ISO 9001 : 2015

As an ISO 9001 certified organisation we have implemented Quality Management System requirements for all areas of the business, covering  facilities, people, training, services, and equipment.

BigSupportBox -Everyday IT & BIM Helpdesk Management

All Nittygritty’s primary interactions between its NGneers®, BIMgineers® and management team, directors and clients are managed through our proprietary  BigSupportBox technology, a web-based, multi-channel support and service ticketed helpdesk system with intuitive interface.

  • Clients are able to easily and quickly communicate with their service NGneers® or BIMgineers® by logging into the helpdesk or sending an email to helpdesk email address.
  • Both methods generate tickets that are tracked and have responsiveness measured against our SLAs.   All case management is monitored by a senior level manager.

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The system also provides metrics which measure our performance.

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General Communications from Nittygritty

We will provide you with a checklist of preparations we need from your team ahead of projects so any change is timely and runs smoothly without any glitches.

  • At each step of the way we would provide you with feedback, recommendations and pricing before we commence any work or purchases on your behalf
  • We will provide a timeframe for any projects and budgets.

Communications from the Client

To ensure projects meet and exceed our client’s goals, we ask that we are kept up to date on (examples):

  • Advance notice of projects that may require additional IT or BIM team input
  • Adding / onboarding new staff, staff leavers
  • Advance knowledge of project deadlines, bid deadlines, client deliverables, to help support users and teams.


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