Nittygritty launch Atvero Document Management for AEC | Nittygritty

07th Oct 2018

Nittygritty launch Atvero Document Management for AEC

SharePoint® is an integral part of Microsoft Office 365® and used by thousands of organisations worldwide. Atvero enhances the power of Microsoft SharePoint® and the existing subscriptions that many businesses already have to deliver a single pane of glass solution for all project data.

Atvero provides a unified view of all your project information enabling visibility and discoverability of your documents, drawings, templates and project email wherever you are, on any device.

With Atvero Document Lifecycle Management, the ability to create, control, issue and track documents, drawings or just about any other file throughout the lifecycle of your projects is possible with a simple web based, low-cost, off-the-shelf solution.

Document Management for Architects, Engineers and Construction Professionals has traditionally involved
a considerable amount of on-premise hardware, a lot of technical know-how and very deep pockets—all to deliver
siloed solutions that do not meet the needs of today’s perpetually on-the-go industry professionals.

The Atvero team of developers and project specialists have been working with our industry partners to rewrite the rule-book while incorporating the latest technical specifications and procedures. Atvero systems are based on British Standard 1192. BS1192 provides a ‘best-practice’ method for the development, organisation and management of production information for the construction industry, using a disciplined process for collaboration and a specified naming policy.

We enjoyed meeting so many people interested in our story and how we are helping our clients move everyday processes to the cloud for a fraction of the cost of traditional Document Management solutions at Digital Construction Week and London Build in October!

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