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About Nittygritty

IT consultancy, Support and Services for creative and construction professionals since 2003. Specialists in digital design tools like AutoDesk Revit, Bentley CAD, Sketchup and Creative Suite. Creators of innovative software tools and solutions to meet client and industry needs.

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Who We Are

Experts in providing services to meet your business goals


Nittygritty  is a technology company, operating across BIM consultancy, IT support and Software – three complementary areas –

This harmonious mix works for clients who deliver deadline-driven projects that are content-heavy, highly visual, and creative.

As technology partners, we help our clients achieve their business and project goals by understanding where their IT infrastructure is today and where it needs to be tomorrow. We provide ‘best fit’ IT and technology advice for design environments to make things happen securely and risk-free.

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Nittygritty specialise in supporting architectural practices based in and around the London area. Client sizes range from 10 - 400 staff. We provide regular on-site NGneer® presence backed-up by an easy-to-use support portal to ensure the smooth running of our clients' businesses.


We have a growing list of other construction professionals and employers on our client list. Our experience working with both IT infrastructure and the building design software tools required to deliver projects makes us uniquely qualified to deliver the expected level of service, backed up and supported by our on-site, architecturally qualified BIMgineers®.


Nittygritty are platform agnostic. We will will deliver the strategic vision and technology that best suits your needs, whether it's Apple MacOS, Android or Windows.


Why Choose Us

From the cloud to your servers to the desktop, Nittygritty offers end-to-end solutions for Architecture

We work with over 50 leading architectural practices in London to drive their digital processes. We will listen to your business needs and tailor solutions to fit your budget and technical requirements. We take pride in offering common sense and jargon-free advice and on the strong and enduring relationships we have forged with our clients over 13 years. We operate in a fast-moving, ever-changing technology landscape and our remit is to sift solutions and deploy them to the benefit of your business.

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We provide specialist services for Construction

Nittygritty are able to offer a wide range of services around Building Information Modelling. We have been helping implement BIM since 2008 through strategic advice, training, coordination and content development services. We have in-depth experience of the UK BIM mandate and associated processes and documentation and take a Plain Language approach to helping our clients embark on their BIM journey. And clients are supported each step of the way by our team of BIMgineers®.

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building owners

Speak to us about our work with Building Owners

With 80% of the cost of buildings in operations, we can guide and assist asset owners in their journey towards utilising virtual design, 3D modelling and BIM (Building Information Modelling) in new and existing buildings. With the acceleration of Internet of Things (IoT) and internet connected products in buildings, we anticipate IoT-BIM being the next step for owners. Talk to us about BIM to facilities management and make the most of these technologies to save costs and increase revenues over the long term.

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Heading up the development team, Marcus is currently focused on creating our Atvero product. Marcus has a PhD in computer science and a deep understanding of how computers and IT systems work from the hardware level to the top of the software stack. After post-doctoral research into distributed systems, Marcus gained experience in industry deploying web hosting, leading software development teams and delivering IT services for SMEs. Marcus joined Nittygritty in 2006.

Marcus Roberts, Technical Director



Lee has a background in furniture technology and design. After leaving college and working with CNC fabrication, he moved to IT manager roles at AHMM and Squire and Partners. He founded Nittygritty with Liam Southwood in 2003.  With 20 years’ experience in IT support management, Lee leads the IT team.

Lee Briscoe, Managing Director



An architect before starting Nittygritty with Lee Briscoe in 2003, Liam has delivered a unique combination of IT enablement and BIM services for Nittygritty clients.  A regular attendee of Autodesk University and speaker at BIM events around London, he heads the BIM team at Nittygritty and is a subject matter expert in BIM strategy and adoption, encompassing a wide range of digital technologies for successful projects.

Liam Southwood, Operations Director



Our Clients

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