If you’re working in the architectural, engineering, construction and creative fields,  your teams probably have BIG projects, big files and drawings, and bigger deadlines.

You don’t have time to think about servers, storage systems, the cloud, networks and firewalls or whether email communications are secure from viruses, and accounting systems are up to date.

And if you’re running Revit, CAD and other applications, wouldn’t it be great if your teams had help, training and advice at the end of a mouse or mobile?  

IT Support & Consultancy • BIM/REVIT Support & Consultancy • APPS/TOOLS (BIGBOX Series)

Nittygritty’s team of IT engineers and BIM specialists work with companies like yours every day in London and have done since 2003.   Through a collaborative process, we work with client teams to understand their goals and develop solutions that perfectly fit those needs. 

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Our new website launches January 2017. Until then, contact us at:

phone 020 7566 3978
email info@nittygritty.net